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Wanda Webster Stansbury

Wanda Webster Stansbury’s expertise spans economic development, urban issues,
organizational culture, conflict negotiation and stakeholder engagement. Wanda’s
research in the areas of self- help and empowerment, motivation and leadership, strategy,
power and politics was the basis for legislation impacting Urban Women as well as the
founding of a Public Policy Research Firm that, for more than 35 years, served
communities through public information campaigns, bilingual outreach and engagement
activities, consensus building and environmental justice processes. Wanda currently
leads the non-profit organization, the Center for Child and Family Achievement, which
she founded in 2014 to provide low-income students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
and their families with resources and programs that promote higher academic
achievement and mitigate the impact of limited income and parental education on
learning outcomes.

Wanda Webster Stansbury is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for
Child and Family Achievement (CCFA). Wanda commands nearly forty years of
experience in the areas of private, public and economic development, building and
coordinating outcomes for emerging individuals, urban communities, and businesses.
She has presented on the topics of public involvement, community outreach and
stakeholder engagement at a number of conferences. Wanda’s research in the areas of
self-help and empowerment, motivation and leadership, organizational culture and
strategy, power and politics, and conflict and negotiation, has been the basis for a number
of white papers and articles as well as the development and founding of Public Policy
Research Firm, Management Interventions, Inc.(1981); the City of Trenton, Plainfield
and Camden’s Urban Women’s Centers (1985); and the non-profit organization, the
Center for Child and Family Achievement (2014). Wanda’s research received its first national and international recognition when it was included in the publication of "Self-
Help: The Empowering Process; Breaking the Cycle of Poverty," which was published by

The Urban Women's Center Model, Cornell University Empowerment Project, Cornell
University, New York. This article was based on seminal research she initially conducted
for the purpose of co-authoring Assembly Bill A1915, "Urban Women's Center Job
Training Act," which was signed into law in 1985 by New Jersey Governor Tom Kean,
empowering State appropriations for three Urban Women’s Centers in cities throughout
the State of New Jersey. Wanda founded Management Interventions, Inc. (MII), an urban
issues and Public Policy Research consultant group, serving as President from
1981-2018. Under Wanda’s leadership, MII fostered relationships with policy groups,
institutions of higher learning, and faith-based groups that led to a network often utilized
for evaluations, surveys, and social entrepreneurial activities. MII also used its repository
of national community and faith-based organizations to mobilize and serve communities
through commissioned research assessment and evaluation projects. While leading MII,
Wanda worked with a number of organizations and agencies to develop practical and
easy-to-use toolkits, guides and action plans to involve traditionally underserved
populations, particularly minority, low-income, limited English proficiency, and low literacy groups, in transportation