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Douwe Dijkstra

Heerlen Mijn Stad
Heerlen | The Netherlands
Douwe M. Dijkstra, chairman of the Foundation Heerlen Mijn Stad.
The city centre organisation of Heerlen in the most southern province of the Netherlands.

An experienced social entrepreneur, manager, former vice president in business and chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the program development industry. Creating added value in “business” development is one of the goals I like to achieve. This I try to accomplish with my experience in Marketing Management, Banking, Coaching, Sales, and Pension Funds.
My personal drive is to transform societal developments into solutions that benefit those who are affected, but sometimes are not able to change their own context. This by co-creating, with participants, creating new perspectives and achieving new solutions.
Optimism brings all of us where we can/and will be, the other road most probably leads to costs where they can be avoided, while trust in each other, speeds up processes and lower costs. The new/next world is one of doing and experimenting, there are no viable long term perspectives. Just experimenting every day and learning from what turns out to be not effective, and enjoy successes that come your way.
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